Our Provenance

Loughnagore Farm has been farmed by The Tormeys since the 1940’s.
We all grew up here learning the trade from the field up, we are lucky to be able to call some of the best farm land in Ireland home.

With Over 200 acres of lush farmland in Westmeath we have won numerous awards through the years including Bord Bia's Best Beef Producer.

As a business and a family we support our local farming community and have built up long term relationships with other farmers and other suppliers that have the same high standards as us, we believe that well-reared and well-treated animals produce more flavoursome and all-round better meat.

James Tormey looks after the slaughter and boning of all our Beef, Lamb and pork, he has over 40 years experience and having learned from the best there is no better way to ensure the quality of the product we produce for our customers is second to none as. All our cattle are grass fed throughout the summer and are on a mix diet of grass and grain throughout the winter. We take great care in animal welfare and we can maintain complete traceability of all our animals from the farm to our shop.