Our Story

At CR Tormey's we’ve been setting standards in the meat business and feeding the generations for over 75 years.

Robin Tormey started Cr Tormeys over 75 years ago, and we are now the third generation to be obsessed with food. The fashions might have changed over the years, but our enthusiasm for supplying our locally produced traditionally matured delicious meat and our friendly and knowledgeable service hasn’t changed one bit.

Our family business started back in 1945 when Robin Tormey decided to go out on his own and set up his first butcher shop in Kilbeggan. Having been a farmer himself, he knew exactly how to rear and produce the best beef to get the quality he wanted for his customers.

For over 75 years the Tormey name has represented local, natural meat. Couple that with a pledge of ongoing commitment to excellent customer service and knowledge and you will find that the long standing values of Robin Tormey are still as prevalent as ever. Sons, Christy, James and John were soon in the family business. Working on the farm, abattoir and shops from an early age they soon became masters in their field and opened their own shops. They were proud to work with a great team, always busy preparing the meat on the premises, making the meat deliveries and delighting in sharing tips, recipes and knowledge with customers. Whether it was attending the marts with Robin or learning the business from the ground up they showed the commitment and work ethic it takes to provide the best quality and service for our customers. It goes hand in hand with our family’s support for the local farming community and our impressive appetite for learning new things and striving to be the best at what we do.

Along came the third generation who also became involved in the family business and are proud to continue the family tradition , We’re also delighted that we are now in the process of developing an online butcher’s website service so we can talk to even more people about the delicious meals they can make, dinners they can share and fantastic meat choices they have. And there are so many items to choose from, from our Himalayan salt dry aged beef reared our award winning farm in Westmeath to hand selected lamb or pork.